Restock Your Kitchen at Hanmi Oriental Food & Gift Shop

Getting bored of your regular meal and grocery rotation? It may be time to mix it up with a stop at Hanmi Oriental Food & Gift Shop. This quaint local Korean grocery store earns rave reviews from all who frequent it. While the shop isn’t the biggest around, they stock everything you need to whip up incredible Asian fare at home with all the traditional ingredients. They also have great pre-made food which some regulars claim rivals their Korean mother’s home cooking. 

If you’re in the market for pre-made, try the vegan kimchi. Insiders say a fresh batch is made every Tuesday! Don’t miss the kimbap rolls, either. These tasty little morsels are essentially the Korean version of sushi and are usually filled with things like imitation crab, bulgogi, rice, sesame oil, egg, and pickled veggies. 

In terms of groceries, Hanmi Oriental Food & Gift Shop stocks all sorts of ingredients and sells in bulk, so one stop will last you a good long time. You’ll also find tasty frozen treats like melon bars and red bean ice cream that you might be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.