Stock Your Fridge at Edge of the Woods Market

We’ve all been shopping and cooking more than ever before this past year. If you’re getting sick of your regular routine and want to mix it up a little bit, check out Edge of the Woods Market. This local health food and grocery store provides all sorts of fresh organic produce, specialty products, and even has healthy prepared foods in case you don’t want to cook at all! 

In terms of prepared food offerings, each day you can check the website for a peek at the menu. You’ll find options like roasted tofu, veggie pot pie, falafel with tahini sauce, butternut squash soup, and more. Under each menu item you’ll be able to see if it’s vegan, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free, among other dietary notes to help choose what is best for your specific needs! They also have kosher vegetarian pizza which earns rave reviews for being just as delicious as other pizza spots in town. You can even order it with Gaiya cheese for a vegan option.