Discover Your Next Favorite Author at Books & Company

Established in 1995, Books & Company carries like-new used books, perfect for all those bookworms out there! As a bonus, they have a cafe to drink tea, coffee, or have dessert while you sit and catch up on a good read. 

With 22 years of existence and still going strong, they are one of the few surviving independent/used book stores in Connecticut that strive to continue serving their community with many novels to choose from and have expanded by including unique cards, gifts, and jewelry. They also provide free events for the local community, including the Whitneyville Fall Festival each September – now in its sixth year. 

Open seven days a week, visit next time you need a quiet, relaxing time to yourself. Pick out your favorite book, grab a cup of joe and unwind, getting lost in an exciting story that tickles your fancy.