Pick Up a Grab-and-Go Lunch at Pataka Vegetarian Indian Food

The ordering process at Pataka Vegetarian Indian Food has been completely streamlined to make grabbing lunch quick and painless, which is something that’s particularly helpful right now. This fast-casual spot opened recently with two colorful spaces for dining—one inside, and one outdoors—as well as pickup and delivery options.

True to its name, Patak Vegetarian Indian Food skips the meat in favor of ingredients like jackfruit, tofu, and “Impossible” meat. Some of the classic Indian bites require not substitutions, however, because the original recipe was vegetarian to begin with. Take, for example, the popular aloo samosa. It’s a savory pastry packed with masala potatoes and spices, dished out with cilantro-coconut chutney and ginger tamarind. It’s one of the many options on the menu that’s not just vegetarian, but also vegan. Want to try a street snack? Nibble on the Idli fries—crafted from rice and lentils—dressed in spices and paired with vegan mayo and spiced ketchup. You can also build your own bowl featuring jackfruit “meatballs,” bean and lentil croquettes, or pan-seared paneer tikka, to name just a few options.