Now Through Sept. 1: Elm Shakespeare Company in the Park

The Comedy of Errors might seem like a classic case of mistaken identity at first, but like all of The Bard’s works, it’s so much more than that. The play follows a twisting and turning tale of loved ones lost at sea and eventually reunited—after a little bit of mayhem. It’s this story you’ll see play out at the Elm Shakespeare Company in the Park performances this year.

Now through September 1st, Edgerton Park in New Haven will host almost nightly performances (Tuesday through Sunday) of the classic play. Although the performance doesn’t begin until 8 p.m., you’re invited to come earlier to lay out a blanket or set up lawn chairs in front of the stage and enjoy a pre-show concert by the cast. Admission is free, but you might want to bring along your wallet so you can grab some popcorn during the show!