Can You Beat the Clock at Elm City Escape?

A night out at Elm City Escape is about as close as you can get to being a private investigator without a drastic career change. Its escape rooms give you 60 minutes to follow clues and crack a case. If you succeed in that amount of time, you “escape.” If you don’t, you’re still allowed to go home—just without the honor of having officially escaped the room.

The exact scenario changes on a regular basis, so plan repeat visits to unravel new mysteries. Currently, you can book The Initiative for a private party (up to eight people) or join some new friends in the room. The story goes like this: you’ve just started a new job at OMNE CORP. You’re thrilled to be at the new company, and you don’t want to rock the boat—but something feels off. Your boss and the higher-ups are hiding something, and only you and your “colleagues” can figure out what it is. Your task is to expose the sinister motives behind OMNE’s new initiative, at which point you’ll escape the room.