Devour an Artisan Crepe at Newly Debuted T-Swirl Crêpe

The cone-shaped crepes that come from the kitchen at T-Swirl Crêpe are almost too pretty to eat—but not quite. You won't be able to resist digging into your sweet or savory crepe once it hits your table. Since T-Swirl Crepe debuted about two weeks ago, its over-the-top crepes have already earned many local fans.

Craving a sweet treat? Eat dessert for breakfast. The banana-chocolate crepe comes stuffed to overflowing with slices of fresh banana, chocolate truffle chunks, chocolate custard cream, whipped yogurt, chocolate sauce, and a dusting of crunchy granola. The more exotic matcha azuki bean showcases matcha gelato with almonds, chocolate pocky sticks, matcha custard cream, whipped yogurt, sweetened red beans, and sliced strawberries. When you want a savory bite, try the BLT or Thai chicken salad in cone-crepe form.