Enjoy a Morning Slice of Avocado Toast at G Cafe Bakery Ninth Square

Omelets crafted using cage-free eggs. House-made granola sprinkled over healthy yogurt. A pretzel bagel smothered with cream cheese, crowned with lox, tomato, and onion. These are some of the unique breakfast fares you'll find on the menu at G Cafe Bakery Ninth Square, a popular eatery in New Haven.

Regulars highly recommend the avocado toast embellished with poached eggs and crispy strips of bacon. Other toasts include the house-made zucchini bread coated with cream cheese and capers or the cranberry-walnut bread with gooey brie cheese, sliced apples, arugula, honey, and a drizzle of balsamic. If you come for lunch, pick up a panini filled with roasted veggies, house-made hummus, and avocado or sink your teeth into a sammy stuffed with roasted turkey, avocado, mixed greens, tomato, and garlic-lemon pepper dressing.