Check Out These Wineries Near Your 360 State Apartment

Even though summer is on its way out, there’s still plenty of warm weather to be enjoyed before autumn is in full spring and the leaves begin falling. Cool breeze or not, one fun activity that’s perfect for taking advantage of the sunshine is visiting a local winery, where you can peruse vineyards, try local wines and take home a bottle for your 360 State guests.

Around New Haven, there are plenty of beautiful wineries that have wines for every palette, whether you prefer a strong Cabernet or a crisp Chardonnay. Read on to find out where you can hang this weekend and mix up your usual bar or restaurant hangout.

Rosabianca Vineyards, located at 1536 Middletown Ave, Northford which is about 20 minutes from your 360 State apartment, is a family-owned and operated winery located in a quaint, rustic, restored barn.

A dream brought over from the Amalfi Coast to America over 60 years ago, Rosabianco Vineyards is the brainchild of Andrea Rosabianca and his family. Known for their hospitality and friendly staff, Rosabianca is a must-stop for any wine lover!

Gouveia Vineyards, located at 1339 Whirlwind Hill Rd, Wallingford which is about 20 minutes from your 360 State apartment, is located high atop 140 sun-kissed acres and commands a spectacular 360 degree panoramic view of lush woodland, open fields and over 32 acres of pristine vineyards.

Bring food, family and friends to enjoy a glass of one of their 11 award winning wines or picnic in the warm weather or cozy up to a warm fire when it gets chilly. Come relax and savor the charming surroundings of this winery!


Rosabianca Vineyards

1536 Middletown Ave, Northford, CT 06472

(203) 208-1211


Gouveia Vineyards

1339 Whirlwind Hill Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492

(203) 265-5526