Where To Go Horseback Riding Near Your 360 State Apartment

With this beautiful, sunny, summertime weather, we have no excuse to stay holed up in our 360 State apartments, no matter how beautiful they are – instead, it’s time to get out there in the great outdoors and get in touch with nature!


One way to do that is to take a scenic trail ride through the wilderness on horseback. Our 360 State apartments may be situated in a bustling city, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t stables just a short drive away, making for a perfect weekend activity. Read on to find out where you can go horseback riding this weekend.


Carriage Stone Farm, located at 665 Totoket Rd, Northford which is about a 20-minute drive from your 360 State apartment, is set on twenty immaculate acres and offers a picturesque view of the Farm River Valley. They built our facility from the ground up in 1996 with much help from friends, neighbors and even an occasional passerby.


For student riders, their focused instruction provides the theory and fundamentals for balanced and effective riding.  Enjoy full access to their facility and year-round riding in their indoor area!


Blackhorse Equestrian Center, located at 325 Amity Rd, Bethany which is about a 30-minute drive from your 360 State apartment, is a a premier equestrian center providing boarding, riding lessons, summer riding programs, special events, show lessons and driving lessons.

For their summer program, all students receive a riding lesson every day and participate in the regular care and maintenance of their horse through grooming and tacking, and cleaning the horse’s stall and equipment. This is a great program to try out if your child has ever expressed interest in becoming serious about horseback riding!


Carriage Stone Farm

665 Totoket Rd, Northford, CT 06472

(203) 484-1174


Blackhorse Equestrian Center

325 Amity Rd, Bethany, CT 06524

(203) 393-2586