Visit These Local Paint and Sip Studios for Mother’s Day

When Mother’s Day comes around on May 14, most loyal sons and daughters will happily take their beloved mother to brunch or out to dinner. However, thanks to the new paint-and-sip studio sensation that has been all the rage lately, there’s now something much more fun that you can do with your mom this Mother’s Day – take her to a paint and sip studio, where you and her can craft your own paintings while enjoying a nice bottle of wine or beer.

Here in New Haven, there are tons of paint and sip studios on every corner that would be the perfect destination for you and your mother this May 14. Read on to find out which one would be best for you!


Art Plus Studio, located at 1207 Chapel St, New Haven which is about half a mile from your 360 State apartment, is also ideal for other types of events besides Mother’s Day such as birthday and bachelorette parties as well as team building workshops.

This studio has a full calendar of paintings available for customers, so make sure that you check them out online to see what’s happening for Mother’s Day!


Paint Nite, a traveling paint and sip studio that sets up shop at various restaurants and bars throughout the area, is big in New Haven and makes for a very unique paint and sip night out, perfect for Mother’s Day.

Throughout May, Paint Nite has tons of events scheduled throughout the New Haven area, such as one at Uncle Bucks Fishbowl and Grill on May 12 in Bridgeport and one at the Back Nine Tavern on May 17 in Plantsville, as well as many more.


Art Plus Studio

1207 Chapel St, New Haven

(203) 500-7352


Paint Nite

(855) 767-4270