See Beautiful Flowers This Spring at the Colorblends House & Spring Garden

One of the staple activities of the springtime, especially in our beautiful and colorful Connecticut, is to see flowers of every variety after a long, hard winter. Luckily for 360 State residents, the Colorblends House and Spring Garden, located at 893 Clinton Avenue, Bridgeport which is about 25 minutes from your apartment, is currently showcasing their 40,000 snowdropos, crocus, daffodils, tulips, alliums and other bulbs bloom in sequence.

The public is welcome to visit the garden. This is a fun seasonal outing to enjoy spring and get ideas for your own plantings and here, you can see the creative bloom combinations, where all blubs and blub blends are labeled. Plus, you can walk inside the renovated Colonial Revival mansion and enjoy the work of nine local artists in a pop up gallery.

The mansion was built in 1903 for Albert S. Wells, general superintendent of the Bridgeport Malleable Iron Company. It is set among other beautiful houses in the Stratfield historic district in Bridgeport.

Colorblends intends to bring the house back to its former glory. Initial steps have already been started, such as opening up three porches that were enclosed over the years and clearing out the basement, which had been divided into nine small rooms during a period when the house was used for private tutoring. Other previous uses of the house were as offices for an architect and before that a doctor who also lived there with his family.

Don’t miss out on this staple spring event this May to check out the beautiful house and flowers and also enjoy an educational and historical experience!


Colorblends House & Spring Garden

893 Clinton Ave, Bridgeport

(203) 338-0776