Tips For Hosting Your Own Academy Awards Party at 360 State Street

Award season for movies and television has been going on for weeks, but the biggest award show to celebrate cinema will be taking place Sunday February 26th. The Academy Awards will be hosted this year by Jimmy Kimmel as some of the most well-known names in entertainment go up against each other. Who says Hollywood are the only ones who get to have fun? If you plan on watching the show with friends, add some glitz and glam by throwing an Academy Awards party in you 360 State Street apartment. Here are some great tips for making the night a little more exciting than just sitting on your couch.


Decoration: Set the theme by celebrating hollywood as you watch the winners of the night announced. Get inspiration from the Hollywood stars by filling your 360 state street apartment with decorative stars to celebrate bof hollywood. This simple yet elegant theme that will set the tone for the night. Cut out metallic gold or silver stars and create your own walk of fame throughout your 360 State Street Apartment. You can make hanging stars as well with the names of all the nominees or if you just want  few, fill in the winners as the night goes on. Here is where you can pick up craft supplies.

Michael’s Craft Store      Artist and Craftsman Supply


Pre-Show Fun: Looking for some pre show activities for guests who arrive early? If you’re making it a girls night supply gold and silver nail polish. Have champagne waiting for guests as they arrive at the door. If you want to dive in and have fun with detail, use black string and paper to give each champagne glass it’s own bow tie, and you can have guests create their own! Pick up champagne at one of the local shops near 360 State Street.

The Wine Thief   College Wine


Games: Before the show beings hand out a sheet listing all the nominees and have guests predict who will be taking home the honor of academy award winner this year. Jazz it up with a gold or silver trim. You can get special decorated paper right here in New Haven! Visit one of the local craft shops (links above).