Chinese New Year in New Haven

While most celebrated the New Year in the beginning of January, billions around the world will be celebrating this Saturday, January 28th for the Chinese New Year. Here are some facts about the Chinese Lunar New Year, as well as celebrations taking place around New Haven for the year of the Rooster.

Traditions: The Chinese New Year is celebrated and is a time where families come together, taking a break from work and relax and celebrate. A big feast usually kicks off the holiday for each family where gifts are exchanged. Red money envelopes are traditional in gifts to children during the Chinese New Year. Clothes are usually also given and fireworks and decorations bring the holiday to life.
Local Celebrations: Lunarfest will be taking place right here in New Haven on February 4th! 360 State Street residents can join in on the celebrations and bring friends and family for a day of fun! The event will kick off with a traditional Lion dance making it’s way down Whitney Avenue. Other fun activities throughout the day include lantern making, fan making, folklore painting, and other arts and crafts. There will also be a martial arts demonstrations and traditional red envelopes will be handed out to children. To learn more about this holiday and culture, you can attend the Chinese poetry meeting, attend the Kunqu Chinese opera or visit the “Festival Foods in China” exhibit.

You can find out more about the Chinese New Year celebration in New Haven here.