New Year’s Champagne Recipes

Whether you are spending New Year’s Eve in your 360 State Street apartment or heading over to a friend’s, there are many options for how to celebrate the night and ring in 2017. Champagne is often a go-to-drink but if you are looking to stay with tradition while adding a twist to your drink of choice, here are a few suggestions for our 360 State Street residents to try for New Year’s Eve!

If you are a fan of fruity drinks this Champagne Dream recipe is perfect for you to celebrate the New Year with! Ingredients include orange juice, pomegranate liqueur mixed with cointreau and top it off with orange garnish! This perfectly infused fruit drink mixed with champagne will make for a perfect celebration. It can also be made easily in large batches if you choose to serve it as a punch.

If you are a whisky drinker and not willing to sacrifice your favorite liquor completely on New Year’s, you can still be festive with this recipe for Cork County Bubbles. This drink combines both whisky and champagne along with yellow chartreuse, honey, lemon juice and lemon garnish. Check out the link above for the full recipe!

Berry Little Cocktail from Martha Stewart is great for vodka lovers! By taking champagne, grapefruit vodka and infusing it with blackberry puree and cranberry juice for flavor, this drink is sure to make it a fun night. Add real cranberries for a special twist and extra flavor!

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