Tips for Turning Your Thanksgiving Leftovers into a Delicious Home Cooked Meal

After working hard on a delicious holiday meal, you don’t want to see all that hard work and delicious food go to waste! If you were the chef on Thanksgiving Day or a lucky guest who got to bring some leftovers home, there is plenty that you can do to your meal to change it up, if you want something other than a replication of Thanksgiving dinner. Here are a few ideas of what you can whip up in your 360 State Street apartment with all that leftover turkey!

Day After Turkey Soup: Leftover turkey will last for a few days, and you can make some yummy soup to cozy up to on a cold November day. This recipe is simple since you already will have the turkey! Just add some additional ingredients such as chicken broth, corn, green beans and sweet potato– all of which you may also have leftovers of if they were served at your dinner table! The full recipe can be found on the Food Network’s website.

Turkey Noodle Casserole: This recipe from combines peppers, spicy cheese and potatoes to put a spin on a traditional casserole. This dish is perfect to use up some of the leftover turkey, and doesn’t take long to make! Check out the video for how to make this casserole here.

Turkey Club Sandwich: You can never go wrong with a simple and savory turkey sandwich! Leftover turkey is perfect and easy to make for family members staying over the days after Thanksgiving, or bring to work if you don’t have Friday off. This recipe suggests using focaccia bread to bring out the best turkey flavor and add cheese, tomato, bacon and homemade Thanksgiving dressing! You can find the steps for this dressing to perfectly match this turkey sandwich here.