House of Naan Opens It’s Doors in New Haven

A new eatery has opened up to the residents of New Haven! House of Naan is an Indian Restaurant which will serve all your favorite Indian dishes to those who visit. House of Naan is located just minutes away from 360 State Street on Howe Street. This kitchen and bar aims at bringing a fun twist to a traditional Indian dining experience, by offering up some unique items on their menu.

Just one month from the grand opening and local residents are buzzing about this new place. Their menu is unique, in the sense that their menu consists of several small dish items and Chaats, similar to appetizer sized portions. Their drink menu also focuses mainly on hand crafted cocktails. This makes House of Naan a great new spot to grab a happy hour drink and munch on a few tasty snacks after a long day at work. Some of these options include Spinach Onion Fritters which are made of spinach and sliced onion, fried in chickpea batter. Other small plate items are Chili Basil Bites, Masala Shrimp and Vegetable Samosas. Their Chaat menu includes a wide variety of options such as eggplant, papri, bean and samosa. For a more detailed description of these menu options and to see the full list of what they whip up in their kitchen, you can visit their website!

Their menu also includes traditional Indian dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Saag and much more. You can mix and match your favorite protein with the curry or other sauce of your choice.  As for cocktails, most on their menu options include spiced syrup but they offer a full bar as well! Their Indian meets New Haven Cocktail is made of black bottle scotch, batavia arrack, citrus oleo saccharum, black tea and nutmeg. To see all their original cocktail options, and their late night food menu, take a look at their menu page.

If you want more information about House of Naan or would like to make a reservation, you can contact them through their website, by phone or visit their Facebook Page!