Treats for Your 360 State Halloween Party

Part of the fun of Halloween is setting up all the decorations, bringing out festive lights and figuring out the perfect costume for the holiday. If you are throwing your own Halloween get together in your 360 State Street apartment, following the festive Halloween theme can continue right down to the food served! There are tons of recipes and fun spooky dishes to make to help make your party feel like your very own haunted fun house! Here are a few ideas of what you can serve this Halloween!

Halloween Popcorn Pumpkins: Who doesn’t think of pumpkins when they talk about Halloween? This recipe is the perfect festive snack for fall and fun for any themed party! Turn popcorn into a sweet treat which appeals to any crowd! With marshmallows and orange food coloring your ordinary popcorn turns into festive pumpkins! Add a licorice stick for the stem and some candy corn to make it more colorful. The full recipe can be found in the link above.

Spooky Fingers: If you get a thrill out of giving your guests a scare, this is the perfect tick! Heads will turn as you have this spooky treat on a serving table. These chocolate covered pretzels are great for a Halloween party! They are easy to make too, just requiring ordinary pretzel sticks, white chocolate and pumpkin seeds. After dipping the rods in chocolate, add a seed at the top to make it look like a fingernail!

Peanut and Chocolate Banana Snakes: The presentation is just as good as the taste with these festive spooky snakes! With bananas almost unrecognizable dipped in chocolate and topped with peanut butter pieces to add traditional orange, yellow and brown Halloween colors, this is the perfect addition to any Halloween treat table. Add a fruit roll up or licorice piece to make the snake tongue!

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