Back to School in New Haven

Typically when you think of back to school you think of children gathering their new school supplies, picking out the perfect school bag and getting ready to start a new year. Back to school season is here but children aren’t the only ones who get to partake! With adult education courses at local colleges becoming more popular, many adults are preparing just as much for a new year of adventures. If you are getting ready or have ever thought about starting a new degree, completing an unfinished one, or taking some extra courses to further your skills, New Haven has several campuses where this can be done!


360 State Street is close by to some of the top colleges and community colleges in the area. Here are some local programs you can be a part of if you want to further your education as an adult.


Gateway Community College: Just a ten minute walk from 360 State Street, Gateway Community College offers several different courses and options for adults. With over 80 different programs, adult students have the option of earning their first or an additional associate’s degree, certification, or can select individual courses to fulfill the need to learn a certain skill. They offer a full winter session starting in December or classes are offered the traditional fall and spring. Online courses are also available making it easy if it is hard to make it on campus. Visit their website to learn more about their programs.


Albertus Magnus: Albertus Magnus College located on the other side of New Haven is just a 9 minute drive away for our residents. Their flexible adult education program allows full time working individuals to maintain their job while working in classes to their daily schedule. Whether it’s obtaining a full degree, certification or just a few courses, their goal is to have education accessible to all. They even offer an option to customize your own degree! Visit the college’s website for more details.


University New Haven: The University of New Haven is a four year school that offers a flexible program designed to meet the need of working professionals as well as a part time degree program. Similar to other programs they have options for both undergraduate and graduate degrees which include on campus classes as well as online classes.


Here are some additional local resources for adult education programing and courses if you are looking to learn more!


Yale Open Courses

New Haven Adult Education Center

Hamden Adult Education