Barcade of New Haven

A recently opened new business is quickly becoming a popular spot here in New Haven. Just a five minute walk away from 360 State Street this local bar is the perfect spot to grab a drink or hangout if you are looking to step out of your apartment and are due for a dose of nostalgia.

Barcade fills the inside of its walls with not only beer and drinks but with vintage arcade games. This unique aspect makes it a one of a kind business in New Haven. With no Bluetooth headsets or internet connection required for most, their games will bring anyone back who remembers when you walked up to a game and just played and for those who never got the chance to experience what it was like, it gives a pretty authentic experience to an old fashioned arcade. You can find a full list of all the games offered at the New Haven location here. Barcade also hosts special events throughout the year as well. To take a look at what they offer, visit their event page.

In addition to these classic games, Barcade offers local New Haven residents a wide variety of American beers to choose from while they play. For a full list of all beers on tap daily, visit take a look at their daily calendar to see what is served on tap everyday. Also check out their exclusive beer list. If you don’t feel up to reading pages and pages you can just hop around the corner from 360 State Street and see for yourself in person!
For more information about this local establishment including hours and more on what they are all about, visit their main website.