Celebrate Italian Culture at Opera Palooza

Opera Palooza is taking place here in New Haven on August 20th. 360 State Street residents can stroll over to Village green and enjoy this wonderful summer celebration!

Opera Palooza is being held for the first time in what event coordinators hope will turn into an annual event here in New Haven. The event is in celebration of the new home here in Connecticut Italian Immigrants made when they migrated over during the 1800’s. And as with any celebration the event promises to bring lots of music, food and fun!

The event will start at 4pm with the concert beginning at 6pm. The concert is free for all guests. There is also a special raffle that will be taking place which you can enter by registering in advance and downloading concert tickets. The prize is dinner for four at one of New Haven’s popular eateries Zinc. the concert itself will feature a 30 piece live orchestra and several singers and other musical entertainers. For a list of performers and what they will be playing, visit the show page of the events website.

Plenty of food will also be at Opera Palooza! A tasting tent will be sent up which guests can visit for an additional cost. If you sign up online here in advance, the price is cheaper than at the event! Dessert, food wine and beer will ll be available from local New Haven and NEw England eateries. Featured vendors for the tasting include Calabro Cheese, Thomas Hooker Brewery, Consiglio’s, Palmieri Food Products and more! If you don’t want to participate in the tasting there will be plenty of other vendors where you can grab a bite before enjoying the show. Additional vendors include Lamberti’s Sausage & Leo’s Lunch, Mama Dee’s Italian Kitchen and Isorbo’s Italian Bakery.
For more information about Opera Palooza and how to get there from your 360 State Street apartment, visit their main website!