August Events Around New Haven

Summer is almost over and if you haven’t already, now is the time to take advantage of all the fun summer events taking place this month around New Haven. Many events will be hosted close by to 360 State Street, making it convenient for our residents to enjoy and participate in these wonderful community events. Here are just some of the many things happening during the remaining days in August!


Friday Flicks: Friday Flicks are back this year for New Haven residents. Grab some food, drinks, chairs, blankets and create your own summer picnic while relaxing and enjoying free Friday night movies at different parks around our wonderful city. Each Friday a new movie and location will be chosen. To see the remaining line up for this summer, visit the parks and recreation Facebook page where you can also find out more information on location.


Chalk Art  Festival: New Haven for the first time will host a summer Chalk Art Festival on August 20th. 360 State Street residents will have the chance to enjoy local art and bring out their creative sides by either participating in the festival or stopping by to watch all the beautiful work that will be created. There will be games, prizes, ice cream and live music for entertainment in addition to all the wonderful artwork!  To participate, you must register in advance so make sure to visit the event’s website.


Chicken Bar-B-Que: Looking for some Saturday evening fun? Bethany Fire Department will be hosting a Chicken BBQ and concert on Saturday August 20th. Dinner will start the evening followed by a live performance from local New Haven band Five In The Chamber. To learn more visit their website and make sure t order your dinner tickets in advance!