Scenic Outdoor Dining in New Haven

Beautiful weather, sunny clear skies and a cool breeze are just some of the wonders of the spring and summer. When the weather is finally nice many eateries around New Haven open their outdoor seating areas for guests to enjoy their meal outside. Many locations are lucky enough to have a fantastic view of the Long Island Sound as well. Here are some of these fabulous local spots that are all close by to 360 State Street, where residents can have a terrific dining experience in a wonderful outdoor setting.

Shell & Bones Oyster Bar and Grill: This nautical themed eatery is a fabulous waterfront dining experience, less than a ten minute drive away from 360 State Street. The views of the water are spectacular both from inside and out, as indoor seating aligns the wall length windows overlooking the water. The outside area is complete with lights and a fireplace creating a euphoric atmosphere. Check out the website for photos and to learn more about their menu.

Caseus Bistro: This small little bistro has a lot to offer with the delicious cheese and other menu items. While a little more on the casual side if you are looking for dinner with a friend and something not too extravagant their front outdoor seating area is perfect for a summer day you just want to spend outdoors.

L’Orico: Located right on State street just minutes away from us here at 360 State, L’Orico has a serene outdoor dining area. Their cozy atmosphere is made complete with beautiful outdoor seating chairs, draping flowers and other garden entities and is aligned with a stone wall. You can see pictures on their website to make this vison in your head a reality and take a look at their menu.