New Haven Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just days away and it can be stressful trying to find the perfect gift for your

mother, sister, relative or friend who you want to acknowledge on this special day. Here are a few wonderful gift ideas for our residents at 360 State Street. All can easily be found in several local shops here in New Haven!

You can never go wrong with a traditional bouquet of flowers. Whether you want a grand bouquet as the main gift or a smaller arrangement as a gift add on, these local New Haven flower shops have it all.

Blossom Shop

Fleur de Lys

Jewelry is always another great option! New Haven has several local jewelry shops where you can pick out that perfect sterling silver piece, pair of earrings or maybe a piece with the lucky gift receivers birthstone.

Idiom Boutique

Lou Lou Boutique

Wave Gallery

Decorating brings enjoyment to many people and if your mother is on, why not get something to add to her home décor collection? Whether it is a new ceramic plate set, elegant hanging mirror, or something new for the mantle, you can find great décor pieces at the following New Haven stores.

EBM Vintage

Fairhaven Furniture

Ten Thousand Villages

Books can be a wonderful gift for the book lover in your life and most books stores have several great gift options. You can purchase a gift card, pick out something from the bestsellers list or grab any other intriguing book. If you are looking for a great gift and stumped on what to get, most book stores also carry other reading accessories, journals and stationary which may give you more ideas when shopping around the store.

Barnes and Noble

Book Trader Cafe

Books and Company