Visit B-Natural Cafe in New Haven For Refreshing Organic Drinks

Spring is here and it’s time to say goodbye to the hot chocolate, spiced lattes and other winter favorites that’ve been keeping us warm all winter. Smoothies are just one of the many beverages of warm weather, helping to leave us feel refreshed during spring and summer. 360 State Street residents can stop by B-Natural Cafe for refreshing smoothies and juices this season to both satisfy your sweet craving and as a part of Bozzuto’s #BeTheGreen challenge.

B-Natural Cafe has two locations in New Haven. They are located on Orange Street–just a three-minute walk from 360 State Street — and on Chapel Street. Their smoothie bar offers pre-made thirst quenching smoothie selections, or visitors can choose to make their own blend. Both fruit smoothies and vegetable smoothies flavors are available on their delicious menu.=

Their juice bar offers an additional refreshing beverage option. Just like their smoothies, their juices are blended with different fruits and vegetables. For a full list of all of their juice offerings, take a look here!
All of their fruits and veggies are organic that go into making these refreshing drinks for New Haven customers. Not only are their ingredients environmentally friendly but they keep the eco-friendly theme with their serving selections. For in house dining, there are no paper products offered. All to go cups are made from renewable materials and are recyclable. To learn more about their environmentally friendly efforts—and all of their delicious smoothies and refreshments visit their main website.