Out-of-the-Box Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in New Haven

New Haven is a charming historical city with tons of romantic nooks and crannies for couples to enjoy themselves on Valentine’s Day. While there are plenty of great restaurants to choose around the city, here are some other fun date ideas for February 14th.

Star-crossed lovers should try star-gazing this month, and you and your date can expand your horizons together at the Leitner Family Observatory and Planetarium in New Haven. If it’s a clear night, the Astronomy Department will open the observatory and let you peek through their telescopes. Be sure to check the calendar at

We all love a good bar hop, but why not try hopping for desserts instead? Head to a few different restaurants and order just dessert. Share desserts form around the world at some of New Haven’s best ethnic restaurants. Some places to try in New Haven are Lalibella, Union League Café, and Thali Too.

Dating an introvert or just looking or a quiet low-key atmosphere? Take them to admire different media of various cultures at the Yale University Art Gallery. Every Saturday night the museum hosts a Highlights Tour, accentuating the fine points of its history, architecture and vast collection. The museum’s diverse collection offers something for everyone so each of you is bound to find something you love, or love laughing about, while discussing your perspectives.

Play THE Game at Escape New Haven. Stretch your mind and your relationship as you run against the clock, solving puzzles, following clues and working your way out of a puzzling scenario in one thrill-packed hour. It’s a perfect double date, and it definitely beats the normal dinner and a movie.