Fall Decorating at 360 State

As the weather grows colder, bring warmth into your 360 State apartment with some great fall decorating ideas!

In your main living space, move your couch or favorite chair in front of a window for added sunlight and warmth. While in summer none of us want to be in direct heat, this time of year it’s a great mood booster and it’s nice to see the fall scenery from our windows. If you’re attached to your current layout, consider a new area rug for the floor. Rugs make a room feel more cozy and can also be an extra source of color for a home. Add tea lights and candles throughout to add a romantic touch for chilly autumn evenings.

For the kitchen, accessorize with real fruits and vegetables you can use on a daily basis, there are so many squash, pumpkins and gourds you can buy this time of year to add character to your decor. For your bedroom, you can change the look of things by getting new linens or a few fall-themed pillows. Pier One has some great decorative throw pillows, as well as our local Home Goods. Add a quilt to the end of the bed or change the trim on your lampshades. You’d be surprised how a different look can lift up your spirits after you return home on a cold New Haven day.

While changing your apartment around for a new season can be fun, you can also simply turn to the outdoors for added comfort this fall. Take a leisurely stroll around New Haven Green or Wooster Square and see what the season brings you. New England is beautiful in the fall! A bundle of fallen twigs wrapped up with a pretty bow would look great as a centerpiece, while a simple white ceramic bowl filled with seasonal gourds is great to place on a coffee table for a vignette.

To make fall official, you can pick the perfect pumpkin at Lyman Orchard’s pumpkin patch in Middlefield. Get a few different sized ones and place them about, or make a jack o’lantern for our hallways!