Staying Healthy with Help from New Haven & 360 State

Staying healthy sometimes seems easier said than done. However you might be surprised by how many activities are taking place right in New Haven to make healthy living an easier endeavor!

A local coalition “dedicated to preventing and reducing obesity by removing the barriers to healthy eating and physical activity,” Get Healthy CT is offering free information, advice and links to local resources in its August Monthly Health Feature, “Be Active Every Day.” Their website includes information on; finding physical activities nearby, being an active family, activities for kids of all ages, and much more.

Health in Your Hands” is a unique community wellness program created in New Haven, targeting 240 school-age children and their families. The primary focus of the initiative is to “increase access to and consumption of nutritious food and encourage being active.” The city received a $125,000 grant after winning first prize in the nationwide childhood obesity awards.

The grant will be utilized in many different ways, including the “Green Thumb Community Challenge” created to celebrate and support community members growing their own food. The challenge is from Aug. 1 through the end of September, and includes cooking demonstrations, shared meals, gardening and composting tips.

It’s not only consideration of what we put in our body that matters to live a healthy life, it’s also what we do with our body. “Tai Chi and Tea Tasting” takes place Saturday, August 22, 2015 from 9:00 AM until 9:45 AM at The Green Teahouse on 1008 Chapel St, just a ten minute walk from us. The event is 45 minutes of Tai Chi with a 10-year experienced instructor, followed by a ceremonial tea tasting provided by the Green Teahouse. Enjoy the relaxing and energizing benefits of Tai Chi followed by the calm and focus of an Eastern tea tasting all near your 360 State apartment.

And of course, you can always use our state-of-art gym in your quest to stay healthy. Equipped with all the cardio and weight lifting machines you need and a yoga studio, getting a good workout is only an elevator ride away!