Temple Grill Near 360 State: Don’t Miss the ‘Salad Cards’

New Haven locals know that for a quick and tasty meal in an iconic location, Temple Grill is a good bet. The atmosphere at this popular eatery is lively and welcoming, while the menu emphasizes a handful of unique options. Try the grilled cheese sandwich with a side of crispy, golden waffle fries (accompanied by a spicy chipotle aioli for dipping), or stick to a meal that your nutritionist would applaud with one of Temple Grill’s famous “salad cards.”

You’ll find the cards on each table, and you build your own custom salad simply by marking each item you want on the card. Try starting with an arugula base, then add fresh fried mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and pesto dressing for a tasty and energizing lunch. Or pile on as many toppings as you can, Cobb-style, over a base of spring greens and spinach. Either way, regulars say you’ll end up full and satisfied!

Preview the menu online before heading over from 360 State.

Temple Grill
152 Temple Street
New Haven, CT 06510
(203) 773-1111