Louis’ Lunch of New Haven – Birthplace of the Hamburger

To many of us summer means BBQs and what says summer BBQ more than a juicy hamburger? Lucky for us New Haven is home to not only a delicious hamburger joint, but the FIRST hamburger joint. That’s right, America’s favorite sandwich was created right here in New Haven! Louis’s Lunch is only a 10 minute walk from 360 State Apartments.

Originally opening in the 1800s, the hamburger was created at Louis’ when a customer was in a rush and wanted something he could eat on the run. In an instant, Louis placed his own blend of ground steak trimmings between two slices of toast and sent the gentleman on his way.

Still cooked on the same cast-iron grill from 1898, Louis’ has modified their menu a little over the past 100 years, but retains all their original charm and homemade flavors. Always crowded, but always worth the wait, this little hamburger shoppe doesn’t leave much room inside for elbow room which makes it the perfect summertime spot. Just like the original customer, grab you Louis’ burger on the run and make a day out of walking around downtown New Haven.


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