Summer Recipes for Cityseed Farmer’s Market

Summer is approaching fast! As the weather changes to the beautiful, sunny, warmth of the upcoming months that means it’s time to experiment and expand those cooking skills! Newly fresh grown fruits and vegetables can be found in several local stores and markets around New Haven. To get all your local supplies, here‘s the market schedule from CitySeeds Farmer’s Market in New Haven. Two of their markets will be opening this weekend! Here are some great warm weather recipe ideas that include ingredients that are newly in season.

Looking to cool off as the temperature increases and you make the change from sweats to shorts? Fresh fruit salads are always refreshing and bring some color to your plate to brighten your meal. Pineapples, mangos, oranges, strawberries and honeydew all come into season during the spring months. The Perfect Summer Fruit Salad is the perfect mix of several of these fruits , which are easy to find locally in New Haven that will leave you feeling refreshed!

Want to add a little green and fresh spring veggies to a salad? Strawberry, Kiwi and Spinach Salad takes freshly grown and in season strawberries, kiwi, and fresh spring spinach mixed with a raspberry vinegar dressing that won’t disappoint as the side to any main dish! It’s easy to make without having to stock up your fridge with a ton of groceries, and not using too much prep space in your kitchen!

If your looking to include some fresh produce in your main dish, many fruits from the spring crop can be made into delicious seasonings and flavors that give a great bold and fun taste to any ordinary protein. Apricots have their growth spike during mid spring, and can be turned into a delectable sauce that pairs perfectly with chicken! Seared Chicken with Apricot Sauce is a great choice for something simple and fun to try! With not too many ingredients this recipe allows for interpretation, so you can experiment with different combinations so the flavor to make it as strong as you desire! With only 30 minutes of prep and cooking time combined, it’s the perfect springtime dinner after a busy day when you come home starving and want to make a restaurant quality meal on your own and quick!

Asparagus fresh crop is in April and May making it the perfect addition to an easy to make pasta dish. Creamy Asparagus Pasta it packed with flavor, a money saver, and can be whipped up in less than 45 minutes! There are a few extra ingredients adding different seasoning and oils to get the best flavor, but once you take one bite, you wont regret your decision!

There are endless options to making every meal a little more special, different, fresh, bright and mouth watering this spring! The Food Network is just one site with some of these endless options if you are looking for more ideas of what to make in your kitchen. You can find more recipes at All Recipes website, and some healthier options with Eating Well.