Decorate for Spring at 360 State Street

Spring is finally here at 360 State Street! It seems like forever since the last time we saw flowers bloom, heard birds chirp and could enjoy the sunlight past 5PM. Spring calls for putting away all those winter clothes, and re-decorating to make your place bright and cheerful! We have some great tips for our residents at 360 State Street in New Haven to give your home a spring friendly makeover this season.

Decorating your place with flowers and plants is a terrific way to welcome spring. Bright, bold colored flowers make a great addition to any table or counter space. New rugs and welcome mats are always a great idea for the new season, following a winter of trekking snow, salt and anything else messy into your apartment. Bright colored rugs with patterns and designs for your bathroom, front door or living space will also clear out those winter blues.

Re-arranging can do wonders for creating a more lively feel for your room! If you are into DIY projects, painting the back of a bookshelf and any kind of storage unit a solid color or aligning with wallpaper can be a real eye catcher. Getting rid of clutter and exposing the color can make any room look bigger. Citrus colors are a great idea for shelves and with the color options endless, you’re guaranteed to find something you enjoy which already matches the theme in your current space!

Small accessories for rooms can also give that fresh spring feel. Patterned pillows, vases, mirrors and antiques are just some things that will the right finds can change the feel of a space for spring. Picture frames and canvases with colored paper or a painting also make a room feel more like it’s spring.

For more great decorating tips, here’s an article from Better Homes and Garden if you are looking for more specific ways to make your place feel warm and cheery like this spring. Also, lucky for us, we have two HomeGoods right in our area!