Ives Main Branch of the New Haven Free Public Library: A Bibliophile’s Delight Near 360 State

As you climb the stairs to enter the historic Ives Main Branch of the New Haven Free Public Library, you’ll know that you’re somewhere special. The rooftop balustrades, cheerful red brick, and tall ionic columns framing the doorway have marked this library as a place of community importance for more than a century.

Of course, books have always been the main draw for patrons of the library, and there are more than 400,000 to choose from, ranging from classic novels and autobiographies to cookbooks and illustrated botanical guides. You can also check out a growing number of books electronically as downloadable audiobooks and ebooks. Searchable online databases put the library’s holdings at your fingertips, and the library’s partnerships with non-profit networks and job training centers give you access to a wider range of resources.

Whether you’re interested in the library’s book holdings, weekly film screenings, community service opportunities, or financial literacy classes, there’s something for almost everyone at this library near 360 State!

Ives Main Branch of the New Haven Free Public Library
133 Elm Street
New Haven CT 06510
(203) 946-8130