Apartment Makeovers to Beat the Winter Blues

The winter we’ve been having this year would be enough to darken even the sunniest of personalities, but don’t let the temperatures keep you down! While we can’t make spring come any faster, there are some things you can do at home to boost your mood and beat those winter blues.

Clutter is Key

While everyone always seems to be on a mission to declutter their home, a little clutter can actually be good! when you look around your own place and see the evidence of who you are (the books you’ve read, the projects you’re working on), you feel grounded. Having things that remind you of yourself and things you love is an effective mood booster and helps to make you feel at ease to alleviate stress. Original art is a great décor element to fill your home with. Decorating with a signed painting or one-of-a-kind sculpture not only puts your unique fingerprint on your place, it transmits a sense of authenticity and trust

Color, Color Everywhere

Apartments tend to come in neutral colors as too appease many different tastes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add your own color pallete to your home. While painting may not be feasible for everyone, adding a few pops of color like pillows or plants will do wonders for your mood when you come home. Adding a few summery colors in the dead of winter or bringing in a new plant that reminds you of greener seasons is a perfect way to get your mind off the dreary cold.

Soft Geometry

Make use of curves instead of hard edges on counters, furniture, and décor items to help nurture contentment and well-being. Our mind is naturally at ease when surrounded by non-threatening, jarring design. However, décor elements with hard edges and straight lines make our mind more alert. Not everything has to have curved edges, but big objects like couches or tables will put your primitive instincts at ease when navigating around your home.

Change Things Up
“One of the keys to a home that elicits a lot of happiness and positive emotion is that it changes to some extent,” says the University of Wisconsin’s Richard J. Davidson, PhD. Even an environment that makes our spirits soar—an incredible view, for example—tends, over time, to grow stale. We get used to it. Davidson isn’t suggesting turning your place upside down, but if you get the bug to move things around a bit or play with the lighting, you might find your own interior gets a lift toward the sunnier.

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